Google Search Mishap Uncovers Phenomenon Of People Accidentally Turning Their Homes Into Businesses

Listen, just because we’re all in the pocket of Big Google doesn’t mean we exactly understand how it works. Most of us don’t know what lurks beyond page two of the search results, and what the hell is Google Jamboard when it’s at home? The less technologically proficient we are, the more perilous using the world’s most popular website gets. Something as simple as trying to get a question answered can go hilariously wrong.

This was a discovery made by @WaldorfSixpence, who was using Google Maps when they stumbled across an interesting local business. Named «What Is In Energy Drinks», Street View seemed to show a normal looking house at a residential address. It led them to conclude that the name was a botched search attempt, much to the amusement of fellow Twitter users. The chaos didn’t end there, though; other people began to turn up with finds that suggested there were quite a few internet users out there not using Google’s features as expected. The results may be humorous, but the real mystery here is how some people are managing to get things this wrong. Boomer internet is a truly wild place.


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