Groanworthy Memes for Dad Humor Appreciators

Working in the meme industry changes you. After a couple years, the clever memes and viral formats become less enjoyable. The intellectual references we lived for become uninspiring. Predictable, even. As we descend deeper into meme writing and curation, that shit just gets old. That’s when stupid jokes, absurd formats, and painful pun-filled memes have their time to shine. The dumber and more dad-worthy the better. Having a silent laugh about a meme is fine, but when the peak dad-humor hits, an eyeroll feels like more of a release than a chuckle. It’s a weird kind of masochism, and one we don’t care to question. Instead, we’re here to suck you into this hole of cringes, winces, and wordplay. Welcome to the simpler side of internet humor. 

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