Hands-Off Parents Forbid Babysitter From Discipling Their Children, Get Angry When Their Kids Misbehave

Babysitting kids can go two very different ways. Either the kids are totally cool, or they are absolute monsters that cannot be tamed. I was lucky that the kids I looked after were rad as hell when I was a teenage babysitter. Their parents were never too controlling, telling me that we could only do boring educational activities with the kids. I had the distinct pleasure of babysitting kids who were not toddlers, which definitely made my experience more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, not everybody is so lucky. One 17-year-old recently went to Reddit to share her tale of babysitting woe. Her older brothers’ young kids (both under four) were in desperate need of a babysitter, and she put on the job. With very little guidance, she tried to control the misbehaved ragamuffins as best she could, but it seemed like nothing she did was right in the eyes of her brother’s wife. 

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