‘It’s the biggest scandal since Deborah’s chicken got ran over by a police car’: Small townsfolk in the UK share their village’s pettiest, most legendary gossip

Most Americans’ firsts thought when imagining the UK, mostly England, are rolling green countrysides, polite and refined inhabitants, and the occasional polo match. In reality, the UK is actually a sheep-ridden wasteland of old man pubs, soccer hooligans (erm, «football»), and the pettiest small town drama imaginable. For every small village, there lurks a town drunk, a notorious vandal, or some kind of local gossip that transcends the mundane and becomes the pettiest, nosiest piece of info that spreads like wildfire throughout the whole town. Recently, a British local asked Reddit what their juiciest small town gossip was in their town and the stories are simply hilarious. 

For more European hilarity, check out these AI rendered images of what the most stereotypical-looking people look like in each country. And yes, the English man is hilariously argyle-clad and has the sad look of a man aged without sunshine and privy to the finest ales and meat pies known to man.  

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