Man Lets Dog Join A Zoom Meeting, Accidentally Gives Him A New Favorite Pastime

Seeing as they basically exist for our own comfort and entertainment, pets often have pretty boring lives. There’s only so much eating, sleeping, and being showered with affection that one creature can take, so it only makes sense that many of them like to spice things up now and then. 

More often than not, this takes the form of chewing your favorite socks or being sick on the expensive carpet, but sometimes their zest for novelty shows up in ways that are less frustrating and more cute. This has been the case for @djordxc, whose dog decided that it was important for him to start sitting in on all his meetings while working from home. 

While most of the people of Twitter found the situation amusing, we can only imagine what his colleagues might think of his hardworking companion. It sure beats all of those cats that have a habit of laying on your laptop keyboard when you’re trying to write an important email.

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