Man Quits $100K Job, Begs Logan Paul To Hire Him

Some say that the only difference between bravery and stupidity is whether you succeed or not; often, that can seem like a very fine line. However, few cross it in the spectacular fashion of Austin Wallace, who recently and very publicly did the unthinkable in the name of making it in the content creation world.

Speaking on his TikTok account @aj_wallace69, he revealed how at the age of 22, he had quit his £100K a year job to travel to LA and ask Logan Paul if he would hire him. The video shows him crying in his car, revealing how he «wants to act» and felt it necessary to make the drastic decision. It then cuts to him confronting Paul, repeatedly begging him to employ him as the YouTube star defers and tries to offer him advice instead.


Well here’s the end result with Jake’s brother Idk what to do at this point.

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Despite his let down, the majority of viewers sided with Paul in the situation or were at the very least baffled by the choices that had been made to bring him to this point. We all have to take a few risks in life to move forward, but usually they are a little more calculated.


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