Memes for People Who Definitely Cannot Party Like They Used To, but Are Happily in Denial

Remember the days back in college when we used to be able to party until 3-4 am and then the next morning we would just wake up thirsty with a minor headache? Yeah, those days are long gone. Nowadays it seems that we need a full week’s recovery after one night of going out. Does that sound excessive to you? We promise you it’s not. Just think about it, you might find yourself going out on a Saturday night let’s say, and so you can forget about feeling okay on Sunday. Then your sleep schedule is all off so come Monday you’re feeling kinda woozy. Then you slowly begin to regain your sanity throughout the week, that is unless, of course, you make the bold choice to go to some kind of happy hour. Sometimes it’s simply unavoidable.


Getting messy is one of those things that’s fun when you’re in the mood, but very much not a vibe when you’re not. But hey, social pressure is real, and Margarita’s are yummy. So, let’s enjoy these memes.

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