Mom Allows Son «Mr. Burns» Haircut, Delights the Internet

Left to their own devices, kids can make some …interesting choices when it comes to personal styling. Most parents have dealt with a kindergartener adamant that they will only wear their fairy costume to school, but things don’t always get easier when they get older, either. Before all the self-consciousness and the need to fit in takes hold in adolescence, children can get pretty wacky when it comes to expressing themselves through their appearance.

Somebody who is acutely aware of this is @pink_nade, who took to TikTok recently to ask whether she’d made the wrong decision by giving in to her son’s hair-based demands. His request had been to cut his hair like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons, with a very amusing result. Viewers were almost unanimous in their praise for the mom’s unconventional decision, not least because of the opportunity for plenty of embarrassing photos. While he might get some strange looks in public, at least the kid is happy.

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