Mythology Memes For Those Who Love the Gods

When I was a kid I was completely obsessed with Greek  and Roman mythology. The myths were dark, yet vibrant. The violence, drama and edge of these ancient myths made cutesy fairy tales seem utterly pathetic in comparison. I wanted grotesque monsters.. I wanted bloody, gruesome deaths. I wanted magic (good and bad), and freaky sex. And the myths were more than happy to deliver. My favorite, in particular, was the tale of Hades and Persephone. Anything having to do with the God of the Underworld, really. These days (what with work and all) I no onger devote as much time to flipping through mythology books or watching mythology-related movies, but I can get my fix with the wealth of Mythology memes to be found on Reddit. And we’re servin’ up a bunch of them right here. 


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