People Debate Whether It’s Possible to Work Full Time and Still Have Time to Live

The ‘work-life balance’ platitude is pretty rich considering the fact that the average full-time worker spends the better part of each weekday at their job. Sure, there’s an extra handful of hours in the evenings to make dinner and maybe even do a few chores, but then that leaves a measly two days a week to feel like a human. Maybe some super humans out there know how to squeeze the potential out of every last minute, but most of us are tired. 

@merrittk is one of many Twitter users who is baffled by the 40-hour work week. She vented in a recent tweet, ‘Bro how are you supposed to have a full time job, cook and clean, maintain relationships, and work on your own little projects. Seems fake.’ The post resonated with so many people that it went viral, though more than a few weren’t exactly on the same page. Some presumed that @merrittk simply had bad time management skills, which opened up the thread to a pretty lively debate. Keep scrolling to see what people said.

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