People Debate Which Color Folder Correlates To Which Subjects in School

When you’re in high school, you have very little freedom. One of the few choices you can make for yourself is which trapper keeper you get from Staples. This is a critical decision, as that multiuse binder won’t break for at least three years, so you better make the right choice. 

The question of «which binder color should I choose for which subject» was never one that phased me. I simply picked the binders with the prettiest colors and chose which subjects they were for based on vibes. However, not everybody makes this decision lightly. Some individuals are still being kept up at night with the question of whether green=science and yellow=history.

Historian @jackiantonovich felt very passionate about this topic, having heated arguments about it with her family. She went to Twitter to ask, «You’re back in high school; what folder colors do you assign your classes? The subjects are Math, Science, English, and History. The colors are blue, red, yellow, and green. Ready, go.» Her followers were eager to debate the matter.

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