People Discuss Times They Hated Someone From The Moment They Met Them

First impressions can be a tricky thing. I have gotten poor first impressions from some of the best people in my life, and I thank heavens every day that I did not wholly dismiss them after one questionable meeting. At the same time, there have been several times when I have gotten a bad vibe from someone after first meeting them and gave them a chance, only to find out later that they were a pretty rotten person. Most of the time, first meetings won’t give you the complete picture of your future relationship with a stranger. However, there are those rare moments when you meet somebody so rude, ignorant, and foolish that you immediately know you’re diametrically opposed. Good samaritans took to Reddit to share their juicy answers to the question: «Have you ever listened to a person talk for less than a minute and known you weren’t going to get along with that person? What did they say?»

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