People Reflect On The Seating That Reveals If A Restaurant’s Food Is Good Or Bad

Any seasoned foodie will tell you that appearances aren’t everything when it comes to eating out. It’s not about how fancy the fixtures are, it’s what’s on the plate that counts — and anywhere without a Michelin star that serves up things «creatively»? Forget about it.

However, restaurants can sometimes have certain indicators that show what kind of food you’re likely to be served there. At least, that’s what @imdrewanderson seems to think, as he showed an example of the kind of seating he felt you would find in an eatery that makes subpar meals.

Many other Twitter users chimed in to agree with him, although some felt he was being a little unfair. More still offered up examples of the kind of seating that indicated that you were about to have the meal of a lifetime. There’s plenty of good food out there, we just need to know the signs.


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