Pretentious TikTok Home Tour Gets Roasted & Toasted

Another day, another baffling TikTok video. Today’s entry for the «thing that made us angry on the internet» is this video from a designer and architecture graduate residing in Los Angeles. It’s a tour of sorts, but it’s of a single room. A room that has inspired incredulosity and hatred from the Twitter community. 

As Tiktoker @healthy_punk guides us through their curious aesthetic, there’s much to think about. They refer to themselves (and their partner) as «floor people,» an identity that apparently denotes a preference for cushions over chairs or couches, and a futon on a tatami mat instead of a bed frame. There is, however, one exception to this theme. They own a single chair — but it’s not meant to be sat on. Instead, it serves as a resting place for…a pile of clothes. Yes, this is a choice. And even more befuddling is the fact that the chair, a piece by Rei Kawakubo, retails for as much as $8,500. That seems a bit financially maximalist to us. Add that to a display of books with their spines and covers hidden, and you’ve got a room fit for a proper Twitter roast session. While we do believe in the «whatever floats your boat» philosophy, it’s extremely hard to take this decor seriously. Especially with the preciousness of the video. And we’ve got proof  right here that a whole lot of people are inclined to agree. 

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