Relatable Christmas Memes That Ruin the Mysterious Magic of the Holiday Season

When you’re a kid, Christmas is literally the most magical time of the year. With the exception of your family Disneyland vacation, Christmas is a holiday that is cherished in the highest regard, where every child is dazzled by lights, mystified by the Elf on a Shelf, and wooed by the jolly tunes and Christmas carols. Well, as an adult, you see through the veil of these mysteries and are no longer swept away by the magic. In fact, it seems like every adult that perpetuates the holiday ruse gets more and more exhausted every year. So why are we bothering? As it turns out, all adults always buy themselves the best gifts, they sip on eggnog to endure their families, and they sleep soundly knowing that fat men in red suits aren’t actually entering their home in the middle of the night. Grinches can finally unite with blasé musings of relatable experiences in the form of memes.

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