Relatable Memes for Sleep Deprived Folks Who Are Willing to Risk Their Career to Hit Snooze One More Time

If I found a genie in a bottle and was granted three wishes, the first thing I would wish for would be a lifetime of uninterrupted sleep. Next, I’d wish for a time machine/bed that would allow me to get 30 minutes of shut eye, but wake up feeling like it was a full 8 hours. The final wish would be for a billion dollars to appear in my bank account (because who wouldn’t wish for that?) As children, we all watch Sleeping Beauty and beg for her to be woken up by the prince, but at this point in our lives, we’d much rather see Prince Charming mind his own business and let the woman snooze for once. The true peace of a dreamless night is something you’ve imagined for years. I wonder what that’s like? So if you’re as sleep deprived as the rest of the populous is, these memes are for you. 

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