Sassy Memes & Videos About Boomers For Victimized Millennials

If you’ve ever been personally victimized by a Boomer, raise your hand. 


For a generation with so much wealth, opportunity, and the only real generation to experience the long-fantasized American Dream, they sure do have a lot of terrible things to say about everyone else. With fewer prospects, less money, and generally more anxiety, younger generations have banded together in the one place the Boomers never really figured out: The Internet. 


Maybe they never bothered to learn how to attach a PDF to an email without the assistance of an unpaid collegiate intern, but Boomers certainly have always had one thing dialed in– entitlement. Ironically, that’s exactly what they believe every other generation is suffering from. Gen X is too entitled and have all become Karens, Millenials are too entitled to work for a living, and Gen Z is too entitled to care about anything and won’t get off their phones.


So grab your 69 Facebook friends and reposted articles from an unlicensed doctor because these memes are soaked in gold– the Golden Generation that is.

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