Savage Internet Replies That Leave Behind Manners And Sense

With social media, it is really the people that use it who make or break the experience. The number one reason most of us are addicted to these dumb little glowing screens is the completely deranged behavior that others display on the internet. Seeing people make fools of themselves can be like watching a grisly car crash on the highway – you simply can’t look away. If that doesn’t sound relatable, then you’re probably the deranged one — but hey, at least everybody in this situation is being kept entertained. Sometimes it can seem like a mistake that it was ever allowed for complete strangers to interact with each other online, but other times it produces the kind of hilarious exchanges that you could only expect on the world wide web. Thank you, internet, for giving conversations great and dumb an audience of millions that they probably shouldn’t have, but do anyway.

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