Star Trek Memes For OG Fans to Strange New Worlds Fans

Everybody likes Star Trek for a different reason. Some of you might gravitate towards all the different «monster of the week» characters, or you enjoy the diverse casting that was revolutionary for the 60s. For me, I really enjoy the aesthetic of the original series. Something about 1960s production design makes certain genres really pop in ways they don’t in other decades. For example, ’60s movies about medieval Europe look so much cooler than contemporary movies about the same time period because they’re not so hung up on making everything so realistic. It’s stylized, and that’s what makes it good. The same goes for old Star Trek compared with modern sci-fi properties. Even if the aliens on Star Trek didn’t always look the most «realistic,» they looked rad as heck, and that’s good enough for me. If you wish you could live in the aesthetic glory of the Starship Enterprise, these Star Trek memes might help you live long and prosper. 

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