Steve Buscemi Had the Best Halloween Costume This Year

The legendary Steve Buscemi dressed up as his own meme for Halloween and handed out candy to kids in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I like to imagine he greeted each ‘trick or treat’ with a ‘how do you do, fellow kids?

If you’ve been living under a rock, the meme is from a 2012 episode of 30 Rock called ‘The Tuxedo Begins,’ in which Steve Buscemi plays a private detective who recounts a time he masqueraded as a high school student. The image of then 55 year old Buscemi wearing a backwards baseball cap and ‘music band’ t-shirt while awkwardly holding a skateboard has become an iconic reaction meme typically used to call out brands and boomers who try to act hip on the internet. Plenty of celebrities are memed, but few embrace it to this extent. As far as we’re concerned, Steve Buscemi won Halloween. Keep scrolling to see the selfies Buscemi took with fans.

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