Stinky Feet And Slippery Floors Ruin One Woman’s Impromptu OB-GYN Appointment

People who work in the medical field see all sorts of crazy things on a daily basis. There’s nothing weirder than bodies and how people act about them, but it doesn’t stop a trip to the doctor’s office feeling like an awkward situation. This is doubly true when it comes to an appointment dealing with the body parts you’d be arrested for exposing in public. This can be nerve wracking even when you know what’s coming, let alone if you’re presented with an unexpected checkup with the OB-GYN like Redditor u/Semengine.

Posting on r/tifu, she recounted a time when she had to receive her birth control shot at the last minute and it required her to have a check up that she hadn’t prepared for. Her main worry was her feet, which had been sweating in her Ugg boots and would present the doctor with an unwelcome smell in the stirrups. Looking for a last-minute fix in the examination room, she spied what she thought was a bottle of hand sanitizer and the rest was slip ‘n slide history. If ever you needed a reminder to wear socks, this is it.


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