Subway Worker Splits Opinion After Falling Asleep In Sandwich

If there’s one thing that it’s hard to disagree with, it’s that many minimum wage jobs can be incredibly hard. Not everybody has enough gratitude for the role that these millions of workers play in our lives. What’s more, the money you earn rarely stretches far enough to cover living expenses without doing overtime, or even another job (and by the way, could you drop everything to work three extra shifts at the last minute?). 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a teenager working around school for the sake of spending money, or a single parent barely scraping a living — it’s easy to get fed up and stressed over the demands of a role that you don’t get paid enough or appreciated enough for. Anyone who’s worked at this level and hasn’t spent some time crying in the stockroom, napping in the cleaning cupboard, or idling on their phone in the bathroom is either lying, or the kind of co-worker that everyone avoids like the plague when they’re on shift.

However, unless they really don’t care about making it to the end of the day still employed, most workers tend to keep these behaviors on the down low. If a recent TikTok by @lukasgrey_ is anything to go by, though, sometimes these things have a way of happening where they shouldn’t.

In the viral video, a Subway customer films the employee that is making their sandwich, who can be seen slowly passing out into an open footlong as she sprinkles seasoning onto it.


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