Super Specific Memes About How Much People Love Slapping Bags

If there’s one thing you gotta do when you visit the grocery store or Home Depot, it’s slapping those large bags lying around in the bulk section. It’s just a rule, you have to do it. Slapping bags is a pretty universal compulsion. Back at the fish market in Cape Cod, we would do it with the massive bags of diver scallops, and sometimes I even find myself slapping bags of kitty litter. The urge to «slap the bag» even works for the bags of wine we guzzle as broke b*tches just trying to have a little fun. It’s only natural that the ubiquity of these compulsions would eventually get the relatable meme treatment. So scroll down (and check out Know Your Meme) to see some of our current favorite memes about slapping bags.

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