The Best Memes People with Bad Knees Kneed to See to Laugh Through the Pain

If you have knee pain, then you get it. The ever slow burn every time you stand, squat, run, heck, sit in a weird way. Those knees are laughing at you, ‘oh, you think you can run for 4 miles today? HA! Not if I get swollen first.» It’s a constant battle. And what’s one of the best medicines in the world that your bad knees can’t take away from you? Laughter! It doesn’t matter if you’re young and were just born with bad knees, or had an injury, or you’re just getting older and your knees are trying to snap at you—you get it. Let us come together and laugh through the pain together! Maybe after all these jokes we’ll start taking our physical therapy more seriously? Or maybe we’ll just pop some ibuprofens and ice those bad twins. Are they even twins anymore? More like cackling witches… 

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