‘The Married Kama Sutra’ Is A Comedically Unsexy Look At Real Relationships

Sometimes when married couples feel they’re lacking spice, they will turn to the Kama Sutra– an ancient Indian erotic and emotional guide to fulfillment in relationships. Most people are familiar with the newer illustrated (or sculptural) versions of the text, featuring graphic and seemingly impossible sexualpositions meant to be tried by adventurous couples. But not every marriage is ready for some Sting-style tantric sex. Some married couples are more interested in stuff like «sleep» and «quiet.»

That’s where Simon Rich & Farley Katz of The New Yorkercome in. The creative duo claims to have «unearthed» a sacred Kama Sutra text that’s dedicated to married life. And it’s both hilariously and sadly accurate. The illustrations, by Katz, transport the classic Kama Sutra illustration style with modern marriage plights and speed bumps. The results will resonate with most of your legally partnered pals. If you want to see more, you can pick up the bookon Amazon.

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