Tolkien Tuesday #53: 30+ Dank & Dumb ‘Lord of the Rings’ Memes

It’s Tuesday again, and that means we’ve been fielding those cravings for a week. There’s a serious itch we need to scratch. The burning desire for Lord of the Rings memes. Fortunately for anyone who feels like we do, we’ve got  our weekly selection of Tolkien-related humor ready for your eager eyes. We’d even bet that pretty much anyone with a sense of humor can appreciate these memes. After all. it’s important that these memes are not too nerdy and referential that they’re alienating. They’ve gotta be dumb and relatable enough that they’ll keep you all wanting more. So what are you waiting for? For Valinor to welcome men?  For the Westfold to fall again? Get scrolling! 

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