Tolkien Tuesday #55: 30+ Dank & Dumb ‘Lord of the Rings’ Memes

Hallelujah. It’s Tuesday again. We may be one day closer to Friday, but it still feels like an agonizing journey to freedom. Kind of like the arduous trip taken by the Fellowship. Which brings us to our purpose: providing you all with fresh, funny, and arguably stupid memes inspired by our favorite series: The Lord of the Rings.

While these memes aren’t the most referential, we don’t believe in gatekeeping. Any dumb soul who’s seen the movies by Peter Jackson will likely appreciate the themes, and often, the relatability of this humor. See, they don’t just focus on the series. They also use stills from the films to convey even the most basic of experiences – from buying weed to accepting a leftover chicken nugget from one’s surprisingly generous child. So, without further ado, the memes. 

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