Underpaid Employees Discover Boss Secretly Opened Credit Cards In Their Names

We see a lot of work horror stories on Reddit – and experience them in real life. I’ve had several bosses say disgusting things to me (one was, surprisingly, a lawyer) and have suffered from being underpaid and underappreciated for the bulk of my life. And while those plights are pretty awful, they’ve never straight up committed a crime against me. You’d think a business owner would want to avoid a situation like that, but according to Redditor u/Tronlon, there are, in fact, bosses out there who are straight up ready to use their employees names to commit fraud. 

Our poor victim received a call from Capital One a few weeks ago. The credit card company was looking into some unusual charges on their card – but the charges were nowhere to be found on u/Tronlon’s Capital One app. After a bit of back and forth, the representative informed OP that the unusual charges were only on one of their cards. The problem, though, is that OP had only ever opened one account. They canceled the card.

After some digging, it turns out two of their coworkers had been under the impression that they were victims of identity theft because credit cards had been opened in their names. The three of them figured out that the phone number attached to the account is just one number off from their bosses – and the address associated with the account is actually a UPS store in their boss’ neighborhood. The terrible revelation inspired OP to share the story on both r/legaladvice and r/antiwork. And their fellow redditors were more than happy to provide their advice and sympathy. While the story doesn’t have a resolution yet, u/Tronlon has promised to update when possible, and we really cannot wait. 

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