Wedding Photographer Makes Fatal Blunder After Repeatedly Calling Bride The Name Of The Groom’s Ex

Despite their promises of happiness and celebration, weddings can be fraught affairs. All that organization, money and family politics can mean that emotions are running high before anybody even starts to walk down the aisle. What’s even worse, though, is when the day is going well and something random comes out of nowhere to try and ruin it.

This was the case in a video shared by @JPVideography2141, who specializes in filming weddings. In it, they show the wedding photographer directing a group for photos, trying to ensure the bride and groom take center stage. The only problem is that she manages to call the bride Taylor, which is the name of her groom’s ex. It’s not a one time mistake, either. Somehow, she manages the feat on two separate photo ops with the happy couple and their friends and family.

Luckily, the bride seems to take the offence with grace, but the discomfort of everyone in the video is palpable. Although Taylor was apparently the name of another bride she had photographed recently, it’s had some people wonder whether this photographer was enacting the ultimate petty ex’s revenge for the sake of a friend. Whatever the case, it’s the perfect anecdote to use against your hapless spouse even when you’re years into your marriage. Let’s just hope it lasts that long.

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