Weed Meme Hilariously Illustrates The Stages Of Smoking A Joint

Ever notice your mood or vibe change through the progression of one joint? You could start off thinking about what you’re gonna cook for dinner and end up rapidly spewing random disconnected facts about Project MKUltra to your unassuming roommate. Well, now there’s a meme for this exact experience. 4/20 is right around the corner and so we’re featuring a funny new format that stoners and casual dabblers alike have been using to describe the stages of smoking a joint. We love this format because the meme can vary drastically depending on the personal experience of the memer. Each spin on the meme tells a funny little story about different kids of tokers—one person might get paranoid or political the more the joint progresses, while someone else might be vibing in the first quarter and running home by the end of the joint. We’ve included our favorite examples of the dank trending format and a few non weed-related memes inspired by the original for good measure. 

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