Weird and Wonderful Amazon Reviews That Champion the Consumer

One of the great conveniences of modern life is online shopping. Once upon a time, we had to satisfy the urge for more stuff and things through the boring old stores we had in our town, but now we have just about everything we could ever want to buy right at our fingertips. Of course, one of the most influential retailers in this revolution has been Amazon. While there is little debate that they have some dubious ethics, millions of people rely on them to get all manner of products. This means that their site is also home to millions of reviews that cover a truly breathtaking amount of the human experience. The agony and the ecstasy of purchasing things on the internet can be found in the feedback that shoppers leave for many kinds of products, and Amazon seems to attract a fair amount of strange ones. This is one part of its legacy we can look back on fondly. 

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