‘What the f*** could you possibly be doing to your pans’: Home Cook Baffles by Claiming to Replace Pans 4 Times a Year

I don’t know about you, but a lot of the equipment I favor in my kitchen is the old stuff. Nothing hits the same like chopping vegetables on the same board that has seen you through three house moves, or stirring the pot with a weathered spoon that is just the right shape for making chili. Of course, most things need replacing eventually, but cookware is usually pretty sturdy even when it’s not the most amazing quality.

Not everyone seems to think that way, though! An anonymous TikToker has recently come under fire for claiming that they make a quarterly trip to TJ Maxx to replace their pans, because they ‘beat the sh*t’ out of them with repeated use. 

Twitter users were rattled by this confession, with many wondering what a person needed to do to require so many pan replacements. There are only so many recipes that require vicious mixing. 

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