Woman Drops Sunglasses In Orangutan Enclosure, Exquisite Monke Business Ensues

The animal kingdom may have millions of different inhabitants, but it’s only a select few who have the immense privilege of internet currency. LOLcats and Doge paved the way, and frogs have had a good run too. Recently, though, it’s been all about the Monke. The primitive lifestyle of our closest relatives has fascinated memers for quite some time, and many of us are never happier than when we’re being supplied with some primate-related content. 

It therefore comes as no surprise that the most recent TikTok from @minorcrimes has captured the hearts of countless viewers. In the video, she films how one orangutan reacts after she accidentally drops her sunglasses into its enclosure. At first, the ape seems more than happy to wear them herself, but she eventually gets tired of her new accessory and throws it away dramatically. While this seems to be a classic case of diva behavior, her attitude has delighted many commenters who showed up to appreciate her innate sense of style. Time to add to the list of things that monkeys can do better than people: accessorizing seems to be one of them.


So I’m down a pair of sunglasses but up a very good story ##monke

♬ original sound – Lola Testu

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