15 Relatable Student Loan Memes For People Who Are Really Counting On Biden Coming Through This Time (August 25, 2022)

Joe Biden might actually be doing it. Student loan forgiveness is on the table again. 


As a normal person, you probably have reasonable doubts as to whether or not this promise will actually happen, but you have hope that one day, you’ll log in to your student loan account and the balance will be completely changed, briefly renewing a small sense of patriotism in your heart.


Either way, over the last several years, despite your bachelor’s degree proving to be more or less symbolic, student loans have been breathing down your neck in such a way that the only natural response is to laugh nervously at memes that are a bit too realistic. Fortunately, an enormous percentage of the populous is in the exact same boat, doom-chuckling at the exact same woes. 


Here’s hoping that there’s a shred of truth in your whimsical dreams of a debt-free life and here’s hoping that memes like this will be a thing of the past. Until then….

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