20+ Bleakly Relatable Memes For Anxious Depressives

Ah, Monday. Everyone’s favorite day of the week. It’s cool because you get to spend half of Sunday dreading the next day instead of actually enjoying it. Which, honestly, would probably happen even if we were unemployed. Why? Anxiety. Depression. It’s hard. Coping with the crushing realities of life and death ain’t easy. Wrestling with the ways in which we do our part in a capitalist society. Panicking because we don’t really understand what the hell we’re doing. While we all experience this to a degree, we all have our own unique struggles. Sometimes we cry in a cocoon of blankets in a dark room for hours on end. Sometimes we have panic attacks and require a soothing Xanax. And sometimes we kind of need both. Most kinds of these crises, symptoms, and feelings are covered in this gallery. It’s like a Pu Pu platter of pain, baby. And god we hate that we relate to it.

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