25+ Dumb & Spicy Tweets That Got People in Trouble

Twitter is a chaotic place. There’s constant squabbling, tons of terrible opinions flying around, and tons of cringey geniuses who think they know better than, well, everyone else. But some of the worst people on Twitter are the ones who take a very stupid or intentionally spicy tweet and have a fit over it. Sometimes the hissy fit comes from an employer – apparently they don’t take kindly to provocative or controversial sentiments. Or anything that may reflect poorly on the business. Other times, the pushback comes from hypervigilant people who spend way too much time online. These people are usually extremely sensitive and are quick to cry foul play. In short, they’re annoying. 

This back and forth is nothing new – but we’ve been reminded of its frequency thanks to a thread from @lostblackboy.

The thread is being revived by quite a few Twitter personalities. Pissing people off can sometimes be a badge of honor on the site. And all of these proud users seem to be highly decorated tweet composers. While some of their offenses do seem worthy of some scrutiny, others are straight up dumb – and a reminder of how much we have to tiptoe around a whole lot of people. But most importantly? We just think this shit is funny. 

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