25 Programming Memes for Computer Code Obsessives (August 6, 2023)

Happy Sunday, computer appreciators and C++ Connoisseurs! We’re back, once again, this week with a batch of code-intensive internet comedy!

Like many other professions, but specifically this one, programmers have to think on the fly. It doesn’t matter what the product is, issues need to be fixed near immediately. The company website isn’t functioning as it should be, who else do you call other than the programmer? They need to be alert 24/7 to fix any issue. Office hours don’t apply when the integral functioning of the company relies on you. This isn’t the best for the life of the programmer, but it just goes to show how essential they are. Also, how crafty they are. Programmers can seek out issues like a hound and apply the necessary adjustments needed just as quickly as they were asked to perform them.

This isn’t to say that programmers don’t deserve a day off. They most certainly do, it’s just that they’re the sort of people to rise to the occasion and do what needs to be done. So this collection of memes serves as an appreciation for you programmers out there. It also serves as a taste of programming for all who are interested. Scroll down and check out some coding memes! 

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