25 Raccoon Memes for Trash Panda Lovers With Similar Dark Circles

Memes love animals, this is an undeniable fact. The years have proved that there is something about the combination of a cute critter and a funny predicament that makes for an addictive image macro. Plenty of different species continue to have their time in the meme spotlight, from the endlessly beloved cats and dogs, to plucky outliers like our froggy friends

Out of all these different creatures, perhaps the one that reigns supreme as both the most unlikely and endlessly memeable has to be the humble raccoon. These furry little scavengers have truly captured the heart of one persistent corner of the internet, so much so that there is plenty of humorous and relatable content about them. We’re not complaining, because these raccoon memes only seem to prove how entertaining they are. Just take a look at the examples below, and have it confirmed that these guys are the reigning, trash loving queens of the internet.

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