30+ of the Purest Wholesome Memes that Should Be Protected at All Costs

Life sux. It did when you were etching that into you high school desk and it still does now. But that’s just a passing feeling. Because, just like high school, you also had some great moments too. It’s called balance, and everything in life needs it. You can’t see light without the dark. So yes, life might suck, but it also is beautiful and amazing. And, let’s be honest, if there weren’t some down moments we probably wouldn’t have such amazing memes! Memes are the light at the end of a dark tunnel. Heck, sometimes they’re also dark, but they still help you find the light within! Listen, we’re not trying to make memes all deep and philosophical—memes are simply memes. But something that can bring you laughter or help you feel less alone with some silly relatable thing, well, that seems pretty powerful to us. So let’s protect these pure wholesome heartwarming memes at all costs!

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