A Capybara-Heavy Dump of Animal Memes

Living in New York City, you get exposed to rodents regularly. Before I moved here, I thought this notion was an exaggeration. I thought people talked a lot of talk about seeing a rat once a month and were completely blowing it out of proportion. Now, I have seen the truth, and I see rats scrounging around at night all the time. It’s not that I’m a rat hater, but I don’t like seeing them on the street, waiting to infest some unsuspecting person’s apartment. I love domesticated rats, but the ones on the streets are not like they are in the movies about rats cooking. I’ve gotten more used to their presence but seeing their demise can be pretty gruesome. While walking to work yesterday, I saw the corpse of a rat spewed across a walkway. It’s sad to see roadkill, but it’s even worse to avoid stepping on it. 

I’m sorry if I’ve offended any animal lovers with my words. I know this is not what you signed up for when you clicked on an article about animal memes, and I will not subject you to it any further. On with the memes! 

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