A Full Strike of the Funniest Bowling Memes

You know what we don’t hear much about these days? Dates that happen in bowling alleys. Peeking your crush’s shoe size when you have to get your shoes (why does this feel like such intimate information?). Judging them for using the guardrails, and sharing bad nachos with plastic cheese on them. Bowling isn’t just for the romantics of the world, though. The alley is a unique place that can bring pretty much anybody together. Old and young, athletic and asthmatic, all can enjoy the delights of knocking down a few pins — or at least trying. Plus, let’s not forget the high art form that is the screen when you manage to get a strike. There isn’t just fun to be had from avoiding the gutter, too. There are a fair few memes out there that relate to the experience of going bowling. For amateurs and professionals alike, it’s a good wholesome pastime. We don’t have too many of those these days. 

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