Aesthetic Thread Reveals Album Covers That Look Exactly Like How the Album Sounds

Music has always been one of the most evocative art forms for me, and I have no doubt that there are billions of people out there who would agree with me. There’s just something about putting the right blend of sounds and words together that creates something that is almost magical. 

It’s also one of those creative endeavors where the whole package is especially important to the experience of it. Most of us have at least a couple of bangers on a Spotify playlist that seem completely mismatched to their album art. 

Ask any Beyoncé fan, the visuals can be just as important as the music itself. For most albums, the best impression that listeners are going to get with this is from the album cover. While it’s easy to get it wrong, there are also plenty of album artists who have managed to match the musical vibe perfectly. This thread contains a few great examples of that, as well as a few great albums as well. 


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