All the Best Memes and Reactions Inspired By ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’

The John Wick films have been a pretty wild and bloody ride. And with last week’s release of John Wick: Chapter 4, fans are having to say goodbye to a beloved hero. The reluctance to bid this iconic character adieu is a testament to the cult status of Chad Stahelski’s films, just like the fact that Chapter 4 pulled a whopping $73.5 million in its opening weekend. As someone who contributed to that $73.5 million, I have to say, the goodbye is bittersweet. 

While it’s hard to say that the film is a masterpiece, or that its plot is impeccable, the joy of John Wick has always been in the visceral nature of its action, the un-smug self-awareness, and its charismatic, capable stars. All of the above were delivered, along with the expansive action scenes and gratuitous violence we’ve come to love and expect from the movies. Plus some new friends as a bonus.

For those of you who are concerned about the future of the series, fear not: While Keanu Reeves may not be returning to John Wick-centric productions, there are some spinoffs in the works. The one we’re most excited about delves into the history of Ian McShane’s character, Winston Scott, and how he ended up running the Continental Hotel. Then there’s The Ballerina, another revenge story starring Ana de Armas as the titular assassin. Our boy Keanu shows up in this one, as it takes place between Parabellum and Chapter 4. 

As much as we love all the industry details about what’s to come, we’ve really been enjoying all the praise and memes to come out of our new favorite John Wick film. We’ve rounded up some of the glowing fan reviews and funny tidbits for your enjoyment. And don’t worry, any spoilers are very minor and nearly devoid of context.

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