Americans Discuss What to Avoid When Visiting the United States

Americans, if someone was planning to travel abroad to the United States, what advice would you give them? If it were me, I’d recommend that they avoid tourist traps completely. If they were planning to stay in New York, they should avoid Times Square at all costs. It’s expensive, overcrowded, and interesting for all of two minutes. Also, don’t go to Ohio. That being said, I’m not a tour guide. I can speak for where I’ve lived and that’s only three states. I don’t know the first thing about Florida. Stay away from alligators, I guess?

/u/AMGBOI69420 asked this question in an Askreddit thread, «Americans of Reddit, what places in America should foreigners avoid at all costs?» It seems like a pretty useful thread for anyone interested in visiting America. Answers varied. Individuals warned travelers of everything from the potential danger of many famous natural locations to the terror of a Greyhound coach bus ride. Here’s a collection of the best responses! Check it out! 

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