An Enlightening List of Twitter Reactions to the ‘Succession’ Season 4 Finale

ATTENTION: Spoilers, mind-blowing observations, and funny ‘Succession’ fans ahead.

Before we jump into things, we’d just like to re-iterate one more time that YES there are spoilers for Succession ahead. So if you haven’t finished the latest season and would like to be surprised while watching it, do not scroll on. DO scroll on, however, if you are a big fan of the series, finished season 4, and need a community who is struggling just as hard as you are now that it’s over. 

Wow. Succession season 4 finale… What a wild ride it has been. So many things that left you shocked and in awe, that you never saw coming! And yet, after you watched it, everything actually made total sense and you probably should have seen it coming. Many fans are agreeing that this was a cinematic masterpiece. It ripped viewers apart and left them seething and feeling traumatized while also getting them all applauding in a standing ovation. Fans have flooded Twitter with their reactions to the finale of Succession season 4 and their characters/show theories. Check them out below! 

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