An Entire Gym Bag of Couples Memes for People Dating a Fitness Freak

Burning calories at the gym is a natural mood booster and apparently an aphrodisiac. That is, if you’re a fitness freak hellbent on burning your glutes, shredding your knees, and causing chronic lower back pain. But when you’re dating a gym bro, chances are, they’ll attempt to persuade you to come to the gym with them. You might even start with some little dumbbells and deadlifts. Don’t be fooled, because soon enough you’ll feel that dopamine rush when you walk back into the sunshine of the real world after staring at yourself pick things up and put them down in a floor-to-ceiling mirror. Next thing you know, you’re wearing wedgie tights and talking constantly about cross fit. Before you realize it, you’ll be a morning person who eats chicken and rice for every meal. What happened to you? That’s just the cost of dating a fitness freak– they turn you into what you swore you’d never become –a baddie with a six pack and an athleisure obsession.

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