Awful Takes From People Who Should Play Less Video Games

Gamers aren’t inherently bad. It’s not a crime to want to spend hours on the internet, honing skills, streaming on Twitch, and/or indulging in fantasy. In fact, when playing with friends, video games can give you pretty much all the benefits (and maybe more) of a night out with the buds. But when some gamers, perhaps after being holed up for long nights of gaming with like-minded douchebags, are the epitome of misogynistic bros. 

Twitter account @GamerTakes, while largely inactive, is a goldmine of cringey, offensive, and just plan bad takes from just these kinds of gamers. They mock feminism, insinuate that women shouldn’t be gamers, and spew nonsense that would probably horrify their poor mothers. And we’re here to watch the clowns get the negative feedback they so deeply deserve.

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