Bear Memes For Lovers of the Big and Fuzzy Wuzzy

As a connoisseur of memes, I am pretty good at being able to tell when memes are going in and out of fashion – especially animal memes. Dog and cat memes are always en vogue, something that any self-respecting world wide web user can attest to. But other animals have had their days as well. Trash animals, for example, have been meme mainstays for years, but seem to have fallen off a bit in the last few. As much as we love raccoons and possums, we were kind of ready. Then there were birb memes and frog memes, both fabulous in their own right. But lately, it seems bears are the hottest animal memes in town. 

Perhaps its because Cocaine Bear has been a talking point. Or maybe people are ready to worship larger, more dangerous creatures. But mostly we think it’s because they’re the forbidden critter. They look so cute, but could tear you apart in seconds. Whatever the case, we’re glad to see these fuzzy dudes (and dudettes) have their moment, ‘cause otherwise we probably wouldn’t have seen these memes. 

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