Chuck E. Cheese Is Catfishing Online Customers & Everyone’s Onto Them

Chuck E. Cheese made big news this week, and not because they’re bankrupt like many other American corporations. It turns out the family entertainment center has been masquerading as «Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings» on food delivery apps such as Seamless and Grubhub. While some people feel betrayed by the move, most of Twitter and Reddit has responded to the strategy with bemusement. The chain’s secret was first revealed on Reddit by user u/KendallNeff in the r/Philadelphia subreddit. They posted an exchange with their GrubHub driver who was happy to confirm that the pizza came from a Chuck E. Cheese location. 

This week, more netizens became hip to the facade, sharing memesabout the sneaky move and generally showing appreciation for the odd bit of business savvy. The hubbub led to Chuck E. Cheese trending on Twitter – alongside al Qaeda and Pauly D. While we’re waiting for the fourth horse of Twitter’s Coronapocalypse, we have to admit we’re starting to get a nostalgic craving for that crappy pizza. It’s too bad we can’t Grubhub the creepy animatronic band. While they work on that technology, we’ve put together the best tweets regarding this hilarious discovery. Bon appetite.

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