College Goers Share Sassy Comebacks Exchanged Between Professors and Students

Our college years can be some of our messiest ones. That earliest stage of adulthood is never plain sailing whatever you choose do with it, and the stresses and freedoms of formal education only make it more difficult. 

This is a fancy way of saying that most college students have skipped a class from time to time, or been late to one. Plenty of professors barely even notice this, but others can get annoyed. 

Getting scolded for tardiness can be embarrassing — unless we have the right retort. This was the case for an acquaintance of one Twitter user, who recalled a comeback she used for one of their professors who took issue with her turning up late to class. 

This amusing story prompted others to share times they had witnessed students or professors using sass against one another. One thing’s for sure, sometimes the classroom is a surprisingly good place for witty banter.

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